Saturday, March 25, 2006


At times like these when business is slow, I check out the stats logs for sketch-it and see who has been popping in to say hello. I also spend some time seeing what else is out there on related sites.

The sketch to the right is from Sketch Swap. The concept is simple and fun. Kind of like sketch-it. Using my mouse and their online sketch app I sketched something. I clicked the "submit drawing" button but got nothing in return.

I tried again. I drew a simple smiley face and got a not so nice sketch in return.

So how about it? Any sketch-it fans out there wanna swap a sketch? The first one to send me a sketch will get a bonafide sketch-it sketch free of charge. It's an incredible offer that won't last long so act now.

It's not every day that you get to save a whole dollar.


Awed Job said...






welcome to wallyworld said...

I frigging LOVE this site. Can you sketch me a Storyboard? Obviously not for a dollar. I can email you the script (30 secs) - about 6 frames of head shots.