Saturday, March 11, 2006

Amit Sent Me

"a picture of me"

A picture of me? Well, unlike the other requests, this one did not have a link to Flickr or any idea of who me was. The email listed in the PayPal receipt could have been the person's name or not. The PayPal contact was listed as Do You Zoom Inc.

That's what I decided to search for. I knew that Amit had sent him because that was left in the message section of the PayPal receipt. It was an adventure. Not a long one but a challenge all the same.

Once I discovered who "me" was, it all made sense. Seth Godin is an author of books about marketing and standing out amidst the crowd. Was the lack of a picture Mr. Godin's purposeful method to get me to remember him?


Good on you Godin.

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