Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dawn for Steve

Dawn caricature"I have two sketches I'd like done. One each of two women. I'd like them to be fun, smiling, line-drawing caricatures."
from Steve

This sketch is the first of two requested by Steve. I assume he heard about sketch-it from the little story in today's Minneapolis Star Tribune in the LifeStyle section. We'll see if he's pleased with the sketch.

The whole story behind the article is kind of funny. I didn't even know about it until 7pm tonight when my friend Julie called. She started out by kidding me about being famous. Then Julie read me the article.

It was then that I remembered that Kelly Newcomer had sent out a press release for sketch-it and told me after the fact. "...what you need is publicity. So I just sent a very short press release to the rake editors, the star tribune reader's rep, and the city pages..."

Here's the press release:
Scott Moore, Minneapolis artist, creates sketches for one dollar on his blog.

A new use for a blog.

Minneapolis artist Scott Moore has taken the blog idea and merged it with the idea of "wikitainment" (entertainment for multiple people by those people) and he's offering sketches for a dollar. Hey, they are pretty good for a dollar. Scott is an accomplished illustrator and he's known around town for producing a documentary on the redevelopment of the old Sears tower on Lake Street. He's teaming up with other local artists (such as Kelly Newcomer and Mike Etoll) to offer guest artist turns at the sketch-it site. He is also developing a version of this blog/software to be used as an art fundraising tool.
Thanks Kelly and thanks to the Strib. But most of all, thank you to Steve.

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Steve. said...

The sketch is superb. It's a terrific site. What a fun idea. I hope you make a buck on it. I'm sure I will be back with more sketch ideas. Thanks for the speedy job.