Thursday, March 09, 2006

Great White North

"My roommate, Aileen Nowlan. (Red hair, Candian, likes bikes) in a realistic style, please."

The eyes are the window to the soul. I spent a long time on the eyes and I completely got them wrong. She's not looking right at you like in the picture. I am pleased with the chin and cheek bones. Curly hair, I love. Drawing curly hair, not so much.

Amit gives a nice little synopsis of Aileen's interests. Perhaps we at sketch-it could begin offering a match-making service. Hey, if Rocketboom can do it, so can we. That is assuming I create a decent representation. Maybe in some cases it would be better to show someone a sketch of yourself rather than a photo.

What I love about doing this, aside from drawing, is the collaboration with complete strangers. It's like a game. For a brief period of time, either one minute or perhaps five, I dial myself into the requestor's mind. If they want me to draw a person, then I have to spend some time decifering the subject as well. "What is this person like?"

I look at Aileen's pursed lips in a quasi-smile and imagine what type of jokes does she tell?

It's all part of the craft. The Unknown Society of Creative Blog Services will not be happy to learn I am giving away so many secrets.

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