Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It Feels So Good

It feels great to be back home. Really it does. My own comfy chair. My own computer. My own scanner.

[side note: Being on vacation with one's child does not mean one actually gets a vacation.]

Kelly's right when she suggests I was suffering from on line withdrawal. One solution she had was to have internet in her head. That way she could go on about her normal life without the interruption of checking her computer every minute or every hour.

It does have its appeal but I'm not ready just yet. Have you seen the photos of the guy who embedded a security chip into his own hand? It begs the question, "Why not just build it into a ring one could wear?"

The problem with human embedded technology is the planned obsolecense of our technology. After a few months, that chip in my head would be outdated. Kind of a pain to swap it out for a new one.

Agreed that the day has not come for time saving web implants. Until then, I will make due with cobbled together solutions and we will continue to deliver sketch-it greatness.

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Kelly Newcomer said...

Yeah! Wow!
Ok, so if I had a connection to an internet-like thing in my body/mind ... I'd want it to be wireless.

Like tapping into the great cosmic universal consciousness/intelligence (if such a thing exists).

Hopefully it wouldn't make me into a "borg"

I was talking about the great things computers allow us to do with some people once and the guy said "But the human mind is capable of doing all that... if we just unlock its potential." hmmmm is it?