Thursday, March 09, 2006

Licensing Issues

From the beginning sketch-it was conceived as a fun service to share with friends on the web. That's why we chose the Creative Commons license we have listed on this site. If you want a unique sketch to give to your sister on her birthday or a sketch of a dream you had last night, that's why we're here.

Custom Work
Are you a business owner looking to create a new logo or leterhead? Do you want to own the signed original drawing and hang it on your wall? Perhaps you'd like us to guarantee that we'll spend more than sixty seconds on your work of art. Then you want to choose our "Custom Work" option.

Browse the site and find a style you like. You may contact one of our talented artists and settle on a contract arrangement with them where you will own the finished artwork. If you choose you can own all the rights to the image. That way you can do whatever you want with it.

We Love You...
  • If you are a band just starting out and you've got your songs posted on Magnatune.
  • If you're publishing an academic paper and need some images to go with your well researched data
  • If you are a non-profit company and are looking to freely distribute the sketch on a bumper sticker or in a publication. (for fundraising and items for sale, please refer to the custom work section below)
  • If you're a great storyteller but a lowsy artist

Hourly Rate
A typical hourly rate for an illustrator is $60. By spending one minute on the sketches here at sketch-it, we are sticking to that rate. Completing a sketch in 60 seconds helps all the artists to become a faster, more efficient and better artist.

Derivative Work
Sketches requested and posted here on sketch-it are for non-commercial use. If you post the image somewhere else, give credit to the artist and to sketch-it for the work. You can use the sketch in any derivative work you like as long as that work is under the same license as we use here.

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