Friday, March 24, 2006

Aimee 2.0

"Ok. So I'm going to try for a series..."

Thank you for the inspiration Aimee. This is a sketch-it first. A series of the same image by two different artists. Care to begin a sketch-it project of your own making? Send us a request. You will be amazed by what we create.

The verticle bars at the top of Aimee's husband's head is the spiral binding of my sketch book. Sometimes I get so into my sketch, I lose all sense of space and time. I forget to eat. I sketch right off the page. Either that or it's just poor placement of the image on the page. You decide.

Things have slowed down a bit. Funny thing is, the more sketches we would post, the more requests we got. Once we caught up to the demand and could handle more requests, fewer people wanted sketches. Well, that and the fact that Blogger was having fits and starts this time last week.

It has been a good thing. We are re-tooling right now and it gives us a bit of breathing room. I've also had more time for my full-time gig, taking care of my son. There's been more time for my part-time project, producing a documentary about the struggles of urban revitalization titled, "Building at a Crossroads".

It's all good.

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