Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Apologies to Mac/Safari Folk

[Update:: I seem to have fixed the problem. Blockquote + Monospace font + Safari = Yucky web page. It also messed up in IE as well. All better now.]

My apologies to the Mac crowd for the broken site. I recently viewed sketch-it on my laptop and saw the realy long sting of text and the images waaaaay over on the side. I'm not sure what happened.

Sketch-it looks fine on a Mac using Firefox. We are hunting down the source of the problem and once we find it we will take it out behind the shed and give it such a lickin' it will never show it's scrawney hide in these parts again.

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Awed Job said...

Problem solved. Don't try to use blockquotes with a monospaced font in Blogger. For some reason this is what caused the pages to go all wonky.

*scratches head*