Friday, March 31, 2006

Pimpin' Sketch-it

April Fool Special

Help us spread the word about the greatness of sketch-it and get a little sumpin' sumpin' for yourself. This deal is good for the entire month of April, 2006.
  1. Grab this code::

  2. Paste it in the links section of your site.
  3. Tell your visitors to mention your site when they're filling out their request.
  4. We'll give you a free sketch-it sketch for every request that gets referred by your site.
Now get out there and get yourself some free sketches!

1 comment:

Awed Job said...

It's dern near impossible to get html code to show up in a post on blogger. I had to dig out my O'Reilly HTML Pocket Reference which I haven't used for five years.

< gives you the less than symbol just in case you are wondering.

It's all worth it so you can have a fancy ad graphic to show all your friends that you support the arts.