Thursday, March 30, 2006

Diamonds are a Robot's Best Friend

"Diamond patterns (like from a rug or a sweater) with a smiling child and a kitten and a robot."

Here's another barter request from Kelly. The last time I drew this many robots I had yet to kiss my first girl. I used to be crazy about robots. I still have a book I bought with my caddy money called "Android Design". Somewhere in my archives I have a walk-cycle sketch of mechanical legs.

I loved to draw and I was really good in science. Add on top of that my tendency to take apart all things electronic and I was certain I was going to be an engineer when I grew up. I read "Megatrends" back in highschool and decided to design prosthetic hip-replacements for aging baby boomers. I was going to rake in the cash.

Instead I majored in art to the horror of my family. I make a decent living and I get to draw imaginative things like robots, smiling children and kittens.

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Kelly Newcomer said...

Love it! Quite different from how I would have done it and that's exactly what I wanted to see!