Monday, March 06, 2006

Technology Evangelist

Me:: "Do you want a realistic rendering or a caricature? Line drawing or ink wash? Pencil or pen? Or you could leave it up to me. "

Ed:: "Hmmm, no real preference. Wait, my wife says 'realistic & pencil.'"

Pencil is not my prefered medium but I started out with pencil like so many other artists. That would be a trip to pull out an archive image from when I was ten years old.

So here's the sketch for Ed and his wife. His head is a bit mushed but over all I think it's a decent likeness. Total time spent was around 5 minutes. I was feeling generous with my time.

Another request generated from the blurb that ran in the local paper. And some say that nobody reads the newspaper any more. I know of at least two people that do. Or did. Last Thursday at least.

A little re-cap of all the variations of sketches you can receive at sketch-it for those of you just joining us:
  1. sketch = request a skecth, give me a buck, I post the sketch soon thereafter
  2. micro-sketch = same as number 1 but I make it really small
  3. writ-large = again, same as number 1 but I make it really big
  4. micro-minute = request a frame or frame sequence to participate in a historic, interactive piece of performance art as animated short.
  5. performance = Not only do I give you the sketch you requested, I also give you instructions to create a fuller art experience with your new purchase.
  6. food art = same as number 1 but I sketch it on a piece of food, perhaps with food or with a knife.

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