Saturday, March 25, 2006

Family Line

"Can you please sketch this mountain scene? It's the view from the stoop of my anscestral home, 65 years ago."


A sign of modesty perhaps from 1941. There's a man and two dogs in the picture Birch submitted for this sketch request. "Yes you can take my picture," he may be saying, "but don't miss the grandeur surrounding me."

I don't know where his ancestral home is but aside from the dirt road, it looks untouched by man. There's so much landscape in the picture because, perhaps there was just so much landscape.

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birch said...

Wow - that is super super cool. Thanks for the great drawing! The photo submitted was taken at my family home in NH and the fellow in the shot is my great grandfather Legrand Cannon. He was an author who wrote extensively about the region and much loved the very view you sketched. I am pleased to say the view remains largely unchanged today and that my fiancée and I will be getting married in the very field you sketched this coming fall.
Thanks for another tremendous effort.