Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bedford Fellows [pdf]

Marilyn is a great, repeat customer here at sketch-it. She edits the Greenwich Village Block Association's newsletter. Being a non-profit organization they must rely on clip art (shudder) or file photos for their news stories. She requested an image of Catherine Zeta-Jones as a chef. Gothamitekight readily obliged.

That's the magic of sketch-it. If you have a non-profit newspaper or newsletter, if you are a band who has music on Magnatune, if you're writing an article for the Wikipedia and you don't have the right image, we're the ones you need to call.


GVBA said...


Not stock photos....we do take pictures, but the sketches are a big help because clip art is never really totally right...still waiting for Natalie Portman sipping tea. Anybody interested in GVBA News should go to There's a lot of historical stuff if you're interested in the Village. Big thanks.

gothamiteknight said...

I just wanted to say it's really cool seeing one's drawing there as well. ^___^