Saturday, March 11, 2006

Yip! Yip! Yip!

"My girlfriend's annoying chihuahua, doing a 'Top Hat' dance routine in a Top Hat, cape, and monocle with a cane?"

Stephen is my new, favorite customer. He knows how to have fun. He's knows that putting on a wig doesn't threaten his masculinity. I think it's comic/tragic that his girlfriend has a pet chihuahua.

What does one do when their partner has a ridiculous looking animal for a pet? Why make it look even more ridiculous.

If I had this one to do all over again, I might make those eyes extra buggy. I decided on realistic for the sketch style because the outfit is just plain silly. Silly sketch style and silly outfit may have created a double-negative vibe and not been funny at all.

1 comment:

Stephen Vaughn said...

Haha that is great!

Fortunately, no she doesn't make me take it out for walks. She doesn't even bother asking. It's absolutely amazing how many women think the little weasel/rat/ferret looking dog is cute in it's various sweaters and hats.